It’s like being knighted…but a better term is ‘Nerded’.

When I walked into my cube today I noticed that I had received a gift from a co-worker. It is a convex mirror for my monitor. Yes I have been reduced to that much of a nerd. I will try to justify it by the fact that I wear headphones all day at work, but still, I have to realize that I am a huge nerd now.

Amazing Sighting

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I saw the most awesome sight this morning. Perched on the side of a tree was a pileated woodpecker that looked like he was over a foot tall. The bird was no more than 3 or 4 feet off of the ground and about 6 feet from the side of the road. It was great to see one so close that you could make out some of the details around his neck and on his back. I wish I could have moments like this every morning. pileated woodpecker

Windows Server 2003 Event

Today Martin and I attended the Microsoft Event “Today’s IT Landscape: Learning How to Do More with Less – Understanding Windows Server 2003”. It was really focused on migrating from Windows NT 4.0 to Server2003 and did not deal as much with the application migration, in particularly, COM from NT to Server 2003. The event was led by people from Cincinnatti Bell and Crowe-Chizek consulting companies. The first 10 minutes was basically a pitch for Cincinnatti Bell. Pretty much a waste of my time. I could have been at work doing something productive. Oh well, I did learn a little about setting up ADS which I guess could maybe one day be of some use.